Pope Francis Pays Emotional Visit to Auschwitz

After giving an emotional sermon in Poland just yesterday, following the slaying of a Catholic priest in Normandy last week, Pope Francis made his way to Auschwitz, marking his first visit to the notorious camp. It was a symbolic visit, as Francis previously declared that ‘the world is at war’, referring to the tremendous political and social unrest that has befallen so much of the globe. He says that the camp is:

“An eternal reminder of what can happen when hatred is allowed to fester, when the world remains silent in the face of evil and looks the other way as unspeakable crimes are being committed nearby,” 

Francis apparently spoke to 12 survivors, and added a profound and sorrowful message to the camp’s memorial book: “Lord, have pity on your people. Lord, forgive so much cruelty.”

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

The pope insisted that the trip not be bombarded by reporters and cameramen. After walking through the campsite in somber contemplation, Francis met with a group of Polish Catholics who famously risked their lives to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Pope Francis later stressed the imperative of welcoming Muslim refugees in such contentious times. 


Featured image courtesy of The Telegraph.