Pope Benedict XVI To Release an Autobiography

It was just announced that former Pope Benedict XVI will be collaborating with a variety of translators and journalists on an autobiography entitled, The Last Testament. The book, which is being published under Bloomsbury Press, will address the plethora of controversies surrounding the Pope’s career. 

The Pope also plans to recount a tumultuous upbringing, which includes time spent as a Hitler Youth under German mandate. 

Image courtesy of Latitudenews

It seems like the impetus for the book was a means to respond to controversy, as the former Pope received flack for his views on gay marriage, and his disturbing insouciance regarding rampant child abuse throughout the Catholic Church. 

Publishers are very confident that the book will be well received, despite its heavy material: 

“We are excited to be publishing this astonishing new (and last) book by Pope Benedict – the Pope who vowed on retirement to remain silent. With complete honesty, this very personal book touches on all the most controversial issues of Benedict’s Papacy.”

It is currently slated for a late September release. 

Featured image courtesy of Patdollard