Pokemon GO, For Books!

So unless you’re living under a rock with no wifi, you’ve definitely heard of Pokemon Go by now. If you haven’t, the need-to-know basics are that it’s an app that allows players to hunt for the rarest Pokemon, whilst navigating a  photorealisitc map of their respective city. 

For some, it was a great example of technology forcing people to get exercise, but the bibliophiles were concerned, as they usually are, about all this time spent NOT READING!!!!! 

Well don’t fret, a new game is sweeping the nation (of Belgium), and it’s looking like it might make its way to a neighborhood near you. 

Aveline Gregoire was just your average primary school headmaster (elementary school principle, en Americain) when one day he struck gold. Inspired by the success of Pokemon GO, Gregoire made a Facebook group entitled, “Chasseurs de Livres” (Book Hunters), wherein players post hints regarding where they have hidden books in the city. Once you find a book, you read it, and “release it back into the wild.” So far, the group boasts 40- count em’- 40,000 MEMBERS!

Image courtesy of Facebook

Needless to say it’s extended well beyond the school. On the genesis of the game, Gregoire says: “While I was arranging my library, I realized I didn’t have enough space for all my books. Having played Pokemon Go with my kids, I had the idea of releasing the books into nature.”

Well, inspiring people to read through technology is certainly something we can get behind here at Bookstr. Gregoire says he’s working on an app, and we say go for it!