Pokémon Gets a Fan-Made Remake, But This Time, It’s Horror…

It’s no question that the Pokemon franchise is huge. From full grown adults (like me) to young children and all in between, there are fans of every age, creed, and color. But, we often forget that our beloved series based on magical animals that are able to summon UNREAL amounts of energy is actually doing something pretty dark to our supposed “beloved” pocket monster friends.




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You see, in the world of Pokemon, there are only a few ways to earn a living and become famous. While some act like how normal people do when compared to reality, others prefer to force Pokemon to do the labor required. And then there are those who get their riches and fame by the one thing all mainstream Pokemon games make you do: Pokemon battles


Let’s be honest, a Pokemon battle is just like a dog-fight or any other bloody animal sport. Two or more fight until the opposite side is literally on the brink of death, with the victor getting to simply live healthier to fight another day…or maybe the next minute since, y’know, everyone seems to want to battle you. Plus, money is very much indeed involved in these brutal battles. Bet you didn’t realize that you weren’t just gambling with Pikachu’s life, but also your character’s life savings.


Oh, and to make matters even more dire, your character is always some ten-year-old who just decides to embark on the world and capture every Pokemon, like some f#%@ed up version of the biblical Noah. Turns out your mom in the games does not give a $#!+ about you or your well being, seeing as she just lets you go out into the world without even calling to check on you. PARENT OF THE YEAR!





So, it only makes sense that a long-time fan of the series would expose these underlying cruelties. YouTuber Ryan Higa created this horror-themed parody of the series. In it, we get to realize what it really would be like for our special monster buddies. And it is not at all pretty!


The video may seem very campy with the somewhat basic costumes, but it hammers its point home very hard. As a fan for years, this has probably made me somewhat scarred. I always assumed that whenever my little buddies finished a fight, they were sent to their pokeball which had interiors of mansions or wild fields that expanded forever; seeing as they’re supposed to be your “friends” in the game, I just figured things were all well and done. But now, I’m highly aware of the fictional damage we, as trainers, do to these fictional beings. FOR SHAME!




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Besides the fact that Pokemon is a series about ten-year-old psychopaths that don’t talk and have severe gambling and sadism addictions, it’s a great time. Once you get desensitized to one Pokemon literally setting yours on fire, and have gotten to learn the type-cycle, it’s pretty fun. But this fan’s video serves as a constant reminder to what we really do to these beloved digital creatures. #stoppokemonabuse




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