Rupi Kaur

Poet Rupi Kaur’s New Book Will Feed Your Soul

Rupi Kaur’s first book of poetry Milk and Honey the hugely successful predecessor to her latest book of art and poetry, The Sun and Her Flowers, has sold over a million copies worldwide.


The writer, artist, painter, and photographer (you name it, she does it) has recently released her second book and fans are just as happy the second time around.


Rupi Kaur

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The Sun and Her Flowers contains five parts surrounding wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. The beautiful cycle of life is captured through the sun being the woman and the flowers being her relationships. The chapters alone promise that nothing lasts forever and it sprouts something warm in your soul.


Rupi Kaur

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Kaur was recently interviewed by Bustle, sharing some details on the release and how it felt to bring her work to life once again. She explains what she believes it means to be an artist.


 Whenever I get the urge to define myself as an artist — and that’s hard to do in the first place — I think that what art is, and what I’m always trying to do, is expression; and what I’ve done throughout my life is try to discover the best means for that expression.


With her poignant verses, on some pages, accompanied by delicate line drawings, it’s no wonder we all feel something cathartic when reading her work. Her 1.6 million Instagram followers would agree that everyone can something from her new book. Check these out:



page 131 chapter 3 – rooting ? #thesunandherflowers reserve your copy: ✨3✨more✨days✨

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There is no doubt that Kaur’s earthy language of love and humanity will sweep readers off their feet. And for fellow writers? Her advice is: realize that you have the power within yourself to do whatever it is you want to do.



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