Poem Reacting to Paris Attacks Goes Viral

In the wake of the tragic attacks on Paris, sympathy and support poured forth from social media. That’s a good thing, but poet and blogger Karuna Ezara Parikh wondered why other tragedies around the world didn’t prompt the same reaction. She responded with a poem on Instagram, and her work has since gone viral.

Parikh’s poem takes the world of social media to task for its muted reactions to tragedies in Beirut and Baghdad. “[N]ot one person’s status update says ‘Baghdad’,/because not one white person died in that fire,” Parikh writes.

Parikh is supportive of France, of course, but she goes further. “Say a prayer for Paris by all means,/but pray more,” she writes, “for the world that does not have a prayer/for those who no longer have a home to defend.”

The post has gotten a lot of attention in the three days since it first went up. As of this writing, the poem has 44,500 likes and more than 2,000 comments. The comments range from supportive to combative.

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