Poem of the Week: Henry VIII

Henry VIII was a King of England and a tyrant. He’s most known for his decree to create the Church of England. He’s also well know by the fact that he had six wives, two of whom he beheaded. He fathered Elizabeth I, who reigned England alone for over 40 years.

I’ve often found that just looking at his portrait intimidates me; I cannot imagine what he would have been like in the flesh. A lesser known fact about Henry VIII is that he wrote poems and love letters. Here’s one of his poems, “Green Groweth the Holly.”  

“Green Groweth the Holly”

Green groweth the holly, 
So doth the ivy. 
Though winter blasts blow never so high, 
Green groweth the holly. 
As the holly groweth green 
And never changeth hue, 
So I am, ever hath been, 
Unto my lady true. 
As the holly groweth green 
With ivy all alone 
When flowers cannot be seen 
And greenwood leaves be gone, 
Now unto my lady 
Promise to her I make, 
From all other only 
To her I me betake. 
Adieu, mine own lady, 
Adieu, my special 
Who hath my heart truly 
Be sure, and ever shall. 



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