Poem of the Week

This week’s poem comes from the great Robert Frost. Bookstr writer, Will, says, “I read this eerie Robert Frost poem in my sophomore year of college. Robert Frost was one of three poets I had to read in high school English (along with Dickinson and Whitman). I was led to believe by my teachers that he was a Romantic, like any other, who just loved trees, kids, and God. My professor in college, however, really opened my eyes to how dark he could be. A lot of his poetry is focused on banal, but disturbing events. In this poem, he watches a spider carry a dead moth upon a white flower, in the early morning. This seemingly innocuous event, is very wrenching for him, and leads him ultimately to question whether there is an intelligent creator behind all of it. He concludes if there is, God’s design is one “of darkness to appall / if design govern in a thing so small.”

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