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Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

Sometimes you have no time to read. Sometimes you fall into a slump and just can’t finish a book. Sometimes you just love reading so much and want to spend every waking hour reading. A wonderful way to remedy all three scenarios is to listen to podcasts.




Right?! Here are some great ones to try out.


1. The Truth


The Truth logo

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THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears: short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Each story is different, and usually 10 to 20 minutes long. We take you to unexpected places using only sound.” (Via TheTruthPodcast)


2. LeVar Burton Reads


Levar Burton Reads Logo

“Lose yourself in a great story with LeVar Burton Reads. In each episode, host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Star Trek, Roots) hand-picks a different piece of short fiction, and reads it to you.” (Via Art19)


3. The Writer’s Voice 


the writers voice logo

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“New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.” (Via WNYC) What a lovely description.

4. Welcome to Night Vale


Welcome Night Vale logo

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If you like your stories to be creepy and soothing at the same time, then you’ll like Welcome to Night Vale. This podcast blew up last year with the help of a Tumblr fan base and has been spinning the tales of the weirdest supernatural desert town in America ever since. Watch out for now-renowned one-liners like, “Weird at last, weird at last! God almighty, weird at last! (Via Mashable)


5. Strangers


Strangers logo

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Strangers comes from Lea Thau, former director of The Moth, and focuses on true stories that replicate what many of us feel when we hear stories: empathy for total strangers. Strangers especially achieves this when the show features stories about home and heartbreak.” (Via Mashable)



There are so many pros of listening to podcasts. Firstly, you can listen to them while doing a number of other things. I like to listen to podcasts while cleaning the apartment, while I’m cooking, or while I’m on the train. Another pro to listening to podcasts is that you can listen to a new story any time you feel like it. Listening to stories this way also gives you a warm feeling of nostalgia for listening to radio shows. Podcasts can also take less time to enjoy than actual books. I think the only downside to listening to podcasts is having to scrub back to the exact place you stopped listening because you zoned out.


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