Long live the book!

Physical Books Are Making a Comeback

The sale of books seemed to be in permanent decline over the previous few years as more and more eBooks were sold. The trend made sense in the digital generation, as the latter provides readers with the convenience of consuming a book on the go and with the click of a button.


Something funny happened in 2016, though; according to CNN, the trend flipped. The sale of digital books in the United States dropped by 19% over the past year, while paperback books saw an 8% increase in sales.


Additionally, hardcover sales rose 4% and children’s book sales rose 16%.


The reasons behind this sudden spike aren’t immediately clear. Children’s books, cookbooks, and adult coloring books are all pieces of content that work better in print form, especially the latter, which became extremely popular last year.


It’s also possible that, as people try to limit the ill-effects that come with too much screen time, people have put down their tablets and eReaders and started to pick up paper books once again.


The trend is certainly a positive one for people who love to feel books in their hands – hopefully, it will continue into 2017.


Feature image courtesy of http://bit.ly/2pJ0K10