Delaware law forbids the consumption of perfume

Photographer’s Book of Loopy Laws Interrogates “Alternative Facts”


In our current moment of uncertainty and suspicion, photographer Olivia Locher provides some much-needed levity in the form of a book of…laws. But this title is no yawn-inducing list of esoteric statutes, but a collection of candy-colored imaginings of our nation’s strangest rules—real AND fictional.


ice cream cone in back pocket cover image

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There are 50 photographs in Locher’s upcoming ‘I Fought the Law’—one for every U.S. State. Taking inspiration from the pop art aesthetic of Andy Warhol, Locher re-enacts bizarre state laws, long-defunct, that remain on the books due to the prohibitory cost of removing them. Take Alabama’s order against carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket (I Fought the Law’s cover image), or Nebraska’s ban on perming a child’s hair. Adding to the fun (and confusion) is the knowledge that at least some of these portraits are based in falsehoods.


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Image courtesy of Olivia Locker


“For the laws that are myths, you wonder, why did someone make that up and why did it go viral?” Locher, a rising artist at 26, told Vogue. For the laws that were real, however, Locher was a stickler—“I got a fact-checker to investigate every one,” she said. They called lawmakers and senators, and I am surprised people actually talked! I really wanted to know, just for myself, what I was putting out there.”


A September 14th exhibition of the photographs at a Manhattan gallery is set to coincide with the book’s release. Visitors are advised to leave their ice cream cones at home.


Featured image courtesy of Hunger TV.