Photographer Dad Gives Daughter a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Photoshoot

Photographer dad, John Rossi, gave his daughter the royal princess treatment that she’ll certainly remember forever! Nellee Rossi enjoyed a Beauty and the Beast themed photoshoot thrown by her dad and the results were magical. 

In an interview with ABC News, Rossi and his wife “custom ordered her Belle costumes from designer Ella Dynae.” Rossi said, “It was all these weird, mixed emotions, like she was getting married, but she was still young. But, I imagined her older. It was the cutest thing.” 

Rossi and Nellee traveled all around Europe, specifically Italy, to capture these amazing shots. 

Rossi also told ABC News, “I love being able to use my talent for something in the family that will live on forever. It’s a representation of the relationship we have together. And instead of having a poster of Justin Bieber over her bed in a few years, she can have this awesome photo of herself.”

We love them! How about you?


All images courtesy of John Rossi.