Peter Jackson Announces December 2018 Release of ‘Mortal Engines’

Peter Jackson, producer of The HobbitLord of the Rings, and King Kong, will be in charge of bringing sci-fi series Mortal Engines to Hollywood. If you are not familiar with the series, it’s about a post-apocalyptic, steam punk inspired world, where cities travel on wheels. Sound wild? It is. 


Peter Jackson is the perfect producer for this project because of his ability to adapt larger than life books into massive scale cinematic experiences. Mortal Engines deals with cities that go to war with each other while traveling around on wheels. These epic battles are going to require a ton of CGI magic which Jackson has proved he can accomplish.

The release date for the film is December 2018, so if you think Mortal Engines is something you can get into, pick it up today!

Featured image courtesy of Live for Films