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Peter Dinklage Reveals the Saddest Goodbye from ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast

Close relationships can be made especially when your filming a show as long as the cast of Game of Thrones has. The eighth and final season has long concluded filming and the cast must bid their farewells. According to Peter Dinklage, the Emmy Award-winning actor who portrays the cunning Tyrion Lannister, saying goodbye was a very difficult thing to do after they had spent so much time together. He goes on to express one of the most difficult goodbyes:



“I won’t say their name or their character’s name, but one of the young people on the show wrapped this past season and everybody was a wreck,” he said. “This person had grown up on the show, you know? They were a child and now they were an adult. And then they’re done. It’s like we were witnessing this person saying goodbye to their childhood. I know ‘Game of Thrones’ is just a TV show ― la-di-da ― but it was our life.”



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Image Via Time


He also had to bid farewell to his character, Tyrion Lannister, the most crafty character to come out of the Game of Thrones series. He stated that he was glad to see the way Tyrion’s story line was concluded in the series. The dynamic evolution of his character starts off as an alcoholic party animal who is despised by his siblings and father before becoming a very responsible and respected hand of the queen.


Tyrion had blossomed beyond his beginnings, from hiding in the shadows of his ‘deformities’ and ‘imperfections’ to someone who is heavily relied upon and uses his intelligence and wit to overcome challenges. We’re sad to see that the series will be ending and that we must say goodbye to some of our favorite characters, but we’re excited to see the upcoming series finale when it premieres in the first half of 2019.







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