Perfect Places to Read as the Weather Gets Warmer

Ah spring: time to put away our fluffy coats and take out our picnic baskets. As warmer weather (hopefully) heads our way, we suggest you grab a light blanket, your favorite sandwich-making ingredients, and a bundle of books, and head towards the outdoors. Here are some of our favorite places to read as the weather gets warmer; what’s your favorite outdoor reading spot?


Picnic in the Park! 

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This may be an obvious option, but it doesn’t make us love it any less. Grab a friend (or go solo), and head outdoors!


Outdoor Restaurant 

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Enjoy your book with a glass of wine and a lot of fresh air. 


Cozy Cafe

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Take advantage of an outdoor or sidewalk cafe, and immerse yourself in a book. Sip on a cup of coffee or tea, and take advantage of all the people watching.



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Swing the day away in a relaxing hammock with a book in hand. 



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Get a new perspective on your book (and surroundings!) from up high. 



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It may not be beach weather just yet, but you can still enjoy the soothing sounds of crashing waves and fresh air with your book. 


Lake or Pond

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The quieter alternative to the beach, head to a lake or pond and enjoy its tranquility. 


Garden or Arboretum

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Nothing says “Spring” quite like the budding flowers and peaceful greenery. 


Library Steps

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This applies to all steps, really! As long as you’re outdoors, you can take in some beautiful sites and enjoy the fresh air.