Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

Are your friends and family bewildered by how much you read? Are they tired of hearing the word “books” whenever they ask you what you want for Christmas? Well have no fear because there will be at least ONE thing on this list you could use to make your reading experience more comfortable.

Shakespearean Insults

Purchase here:  Charley Chartwell

Buy this poster you cream faced loon!


Clip on Glasses Reading Light

Purchase here:


Just think of how many cool new friends you can make with your snap on glasses light!


Book Bath Caddy

Purchase here: Bathtub Inspirations


Because we all need an excuse to stay in the tub a little longer


Book Scented Candle

Purchase here: shopswell

For the true bibliophiles out there


Book Styled Bookshelf Light

 Purchase here: theeyeglasslight

More lighting for my bookshelf? Yes, please.


“So it goes” Necklace

Purchase here: outofprintclothing


Pair this necklace with Slaughterhouse Five and you will have won Christmas


Harry Potter Mug

Purchase here:


This adds a little bit of magic to every muggles morning


Thumb Ring Page Holder

Purchase here: Thumb Book Holder


 It may make you look like a snob, but for the sake of reading, it’s worth it.


Lord of the Rings Dress


One dress to rule them all!


Inverted Book Shelf

Purchase here:

For the true non-conformist


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