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Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Gets Amazing Illustrations

Rick Riordan is responsible for teaching mythology to fans everywhere of all ages. Although his series are mainly for young adult readers, he has captivated many with his stories of gods and their children, and the many human problems that we all face.



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Riordan has a special way of communicating with readers, and his character development throughout each and every story arc is both parts relatable and immersive. Now, fans can rejoice as Riordan has finally released his first release, The Lightning Thief, with illustrations!




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As a personal fan, this news makes my eyes water. His first two Camp Half-Blood movie adaptations…they were god-awful in my opinion. With these illustrations, older fans will finally get detailed visuals of Percy Jackson’s first adventure; something we’ve all wanted for thirteen years now since The Lightning Thief originally released back in 2005. New fans get to experience these books in an incredible new way and will fall in love even faster with Riordan’s signature series.




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