Penguin Joins Winnie the Pooh on New Adventure

Tasked with writing a story set in the iconic Hundred Acre Wood for the 100th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh, author Brian Sibley sought inspiration in the original works source material. Winnie the Pooh was based off of a toy belonging to the son of the series’ creator AA Milne. Christopher Robbin, also the name of the boy in the stories, was photographed playing with the bear alongside his father, with one curious addition that served as the jumpstart for Sibley’s addition to the series.

A toy penguin alongside the original Pooh bear, thought to be purchased at Harrods, the same toy store which was home to the stuffed animals that inspired most of the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood. The story Winter: In Which Penguin Arrives is part of a set of seasonal stories written to commemorate the classic works.

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“But what makes … these tales so memorable is their ability to work on two different levels: the child listener to the story always understands what is happening just before Pooh and the others do; while the adult reading to the child engages by recognising that, under their fur and feathers, the characters are just like people we know among our family, friends and colleagues.” Sibley says of the source author’s work.

A new addition to a colorful cast will hopefully revitalize the series. Here’s to another hundred years of stories in the Hundred Acre Wood.


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