Penguin Celebrates 75 Years of Make Way for Ducklings

This month marks the seventy fifth anniversary of Make Way for Ducklings, the charming tale written by the late Robert McClosky, about Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings as they waddle through Boston in search of the perfect home: the Boston Public Gardens. The book’s beautiful illustrations and endearing story captured the hearts of children and adults alike, and continue to delight readers to this day. Now, you can get your hands on the special edition book, courtesy of Penguin Young Readers, which is expected for release on March 29th.


The new book boasts the addition of an ornate poster map, featuring Boston landmarks and the path Mrs. Mallard and the ducklings took as they navigated through traffic, crowds, and the clamoring sounds of the busy Boston streets. The special addition will also include an audiobook recording of the story by Brian Hatch.

All new add-ons aside, you can still expect the same beloved story you grew up with, all eight of the ducklings – Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack, and Quak – and the same sepia toned illustrations characteristic of the timeless classic.

Feature image courtesy of Furgots