The Great American Read

PBS Assembles an All-Star Panel for Their Annual Reading Event!

When it comes to reading, books, and literacy, we can never have enough inspiration. This is why I love to see some of the greatest authors and celebs step up and work their magic. Well now we’ve got an all-star group of authors to do exactly that across the whole nation.


The Great American Read

 Image Via PBS


On May 22nd PBS will air its annual special The Great American Read. For over fifteen weeks during the summer, readers and viewers have the chance to read and vote on their favorite fictional works from a list. 100 of America’s best books that are competing are chosen from a national demographic survey. So I’m sure there will be some unbeatable classics as well as popular contemporary works too.


The special counts up the votes and reconvenes in the fall where an advisory panel works with the votes and releases their lists. There are some rules to follow, though!


The Great American Read

 Image Via WOUB

So who are some of the authors and familiar faces gracing this nationwide event? You may know them: Margaret Atwood, George R. R. Martin, Lauren Graham, John Irving, Diane Lane, Junot Díaz, and more. I’ve heard of those peeps before. Their voices will add loads to this awesome literary event!


I cannot wait to see this list.


 Feature Images Via Key West Literary Seminar, Emory News Center, and Wired