Patterson Halts Publication of His Fictional Murder of Stephen King

One of the great rivalry’s in literature seems to be losing its momentum. James Patterson recently announced that he will no longer publish his latest book, The Murder of Stephan King. Outside of any over-hyped drama between the two writers, I would have loved to see Patterson’s portrayal of King. 

After observing some of the public response to Patterson’s book announcement, the author decided the idea was too dangerous. In an interview with The Guardian, Patterson stated: “I do not want to cause Stephen King or his family any discomfort. Out of respect for them, I have decided not to publish The Murder of Stephen King.”

Certainly this is a noble act by Patterson, he could have easily published the book and added another million dollars to his fortune. But instead he didn’t – even though King publicly stated that he thinks Patterson is “a terrible writer.” Given the beef, Patterson would have been justified in defending his reputation by writing a book that is softly (or harshly) critical of King.

The fact that Patterson didn’t publish the book, even after writing most of it, shows a unique form of restraint we don’t often see in popular culture. Typically, if someone can get a dig on somebody else, they do it without hesitation and usually with 20 cameras on them as they do it. 

Although I am pretty disappointed that I will never read the book, I am glad some kind of chivalry still exists in this world. From Kanye and Swift to Brad and Angelina as well as Trump and Hilary, I think we have had enough drama. Cheers to James Patterson for taking the high road for once.


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