Painstakingly Researched Robin Williams Biography To Be Released May 15

Fanatically researched and painstakingly studied, Dave Itzkoff’s new biography of beloved film star Robin Williams is set to hit shelves May 15. Following his life in film and television, Itzkoff’s comprehensive will also detail Williams’ struggle with addiction, mental health, and the degenerative disease that ultimately ended his life. 



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Itzkoff drew from more than a hundred of interviews with Williams’s friends, family, and colleagues along with archival research to write this almost 600 page piece. 


He writes of Williams’s immortalization in iconic films like Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting, films that masked his conflicting emotions and self-doubt. Itzkoff writes of one particular event in when Williams’s began to lose his confidence in his acting abilities while filming the third in the Night At The Museum films, the last of his films. In the book, Itzkoff details Williams not being to remember his lines, sobbing into makeup artist Cheri Minns’s arms, “He was sobbing in my arms at the end of every day. It was horrible. Horrible.”



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The book is now available for pre-order here!


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