Paddington Bear to Enjoy Final Marmalade Sandwich in 2018

Paddington: adorable bear, attracter of shenanigans, toddler fashion icon, passionate advocate of the marmalade sandwich. What’s not to love? After many, many years and many, many adventures, the Paddington books are finally drawing to a close, with the last in the series announced for next year.


The final Paddington Bear book, Paddington at St. Paul’s,  will be released in July of 2018, the one year anniversary of the death of creator Michael Bond. The story will follow Paddington as he is mistaken for a choirboy during a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.


In an interview with BBC, Bond’s daughter, Karen Jankel, said that the idea for the story came about after Sir David Attenborough read aloud a piece by Bond at the Queen’s ninetieth birthday celebrations in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Bond finished the story just before he died.



Via The Telegraph


Jankel explained that her father wrote his whole life, and she couldn’t imagine him not writing. The first Paddington book was published two months after she was born, and some of her own exploits, such as her attempts at learning to drive a car, ended up influencing some of Paddington’s subsequent adventures.


When asked if she could see the character of Paddington being handed off to another author in order for his adventures to continue, she said no. “My father had the magic touch…and I don’t think he wanted anybody to continue writing the stories after he died. But he wrote so many of them.”


There may not be any further Paddington books, but the news of the final book coincides with the release of the second Paddington motion picture, about which I am EXTREMELY EXCITED. The first Paddington film was absolutely charming and judging by how much I laughed (cried) at the trailer, I’m pretty sure the sequel is going to be just as good. 


Featured Image Via Prue Batten