Paddington Bear is Back

Inspired by Paddington Station in London, Paddington Bear might be the second most beloved literary bear next to Winnie the PoohAt 90 years old, Paddington author, Michael Bond, is still writing. The next installment, Paddington’s Finest Hour, will be published in the US and the UK in April of next year and Australia in March. 

According to The Guardian, the new book will feature Paddington “suffering a run-in with the police, starring in a TV cookery programme and even bestowing one of his celebrated hard stares upon a hypnotist on stage.”

There are over 26 books in the Paddington series and in 2014, Paddington finally came to the big screen. The sequel will debut Fall 2017!

Image courtesy of The Guardian 

Here’s a look at Paddington over the years from The Guardian




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