Our response to Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads

As you can imagine, we have received lots of emails, questions and requests since last Friday in regards to Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads. Like a lot of you we have also been surprised and spent the last few days reading through hundreds of comments and posts that have been left on various social sites. But we are not going to let this distract us. Over the last few months, we have put a considerable amount of time and effort in soliciting feedback from our existing members and reviewers. In the recent weeks we have started to implement our new design including many of your wishes and requests and new functionalities. Although our resources are limited, we still want to include as much as possible in our improvements and we know there are lots more we still have to do. We realize what an amazing opportunity is in front of us and we are committed to work very hard to ensure we make our site a good home for your books, your reviews, your discussions and your passion for reading. We know that, at the present, we are small in comparison. It is hard to compete with large corporations like Amazon and Goodreads, but we remain hopeful that our commitment to quality, our love of books and our already extensive features will make us stand out as a good alternative choice. If you are already a member we would love you to spread the word about us. If you are considering joining, we would love to hear your feedback, which will help us make this site into not the biggest but the best independent place to discover new books and authors. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and welcoming you on our site. Anna