Our Favorite Author Commencement Speeches

Grab your caps and your robe; it’s that time of year again. Graduation time. Scratch that, commencement speech time. You know you’ve conquered college on the sweet, sweet day when you’re handed your diploma. You don’t realize how far you still can go until you hear your commencement speaker – especially if your speaker is an award winning author. Our jaws have dropped and our hearts have swelled at speeches prior. Some enamoured soul even went out of his way to turn David Foster’s infamous commencement speech into an EDM track.

As an alternative to becoming yet another DJ and transcribing the year’s best commencement speeches into song, we’ll just list them below. Now that the school year is officially wrapped up, here’s a few of our favorite author speakers this from the class of 2016.


Lin-Manuel Miranda, University of Pennsylvania


Jodi Picoult, Princeton University


Tracy K. Smith, Columbia University


Ken Robinson, University of Miami


Jon Meacham, Monmouth College

Oh darn! Not all videos can be embedded you know. But not to fear, the video is only a click away:

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Featured image courtesy of Forbes.