Oscar Wilde Gets Long Deserved Paris Exhibition

Celebrated Irish playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde is finally being honored in an extensive Paris exhibit, which will be curated by his grandson. 

Although Wilde resided in Britain for most of his life, he faced intense criticism and endured legal battles for the ‘sexually deviant’ parts of his artistic and personal life. He was eventually chased out of the country, whereupon he resolved to reside in France until his death.

There have been some London exhibits to feature his work, but the newest in France is said to be the most extensive.

Petit Palais, in the 8th Arondissement of Paris (Image courtesy of Aviewoncities)

The exhibit will feature manuscripts, drafts, photographs, letters, and paintings. On the format of the exhibit, Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland, has said

“There has never been a major Paris exhibition on Oscar. Everybody is now saying, ‘well, why not?’ Oscar is going to be plastered all over the Metro and the buses. I think the French are quite surprised … that they never thought of doing this before.”


France was close to Wilde’s heart, as it provided a home for him during the times in which he faced violent social scrutiny. It is fitting that his work be honored in such a vibrant, artistic city like Paris. 

The exhibit will be held at the Petit Palais, in Paris, from September 28th to January 15th. 

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