Original Map of Disneyland Sold For $708,000

As a visionary creator with a driven mind, Walt Disney was determined to create a park of his own after visiting a local Los Angeles park and carousel with his daughters in 1953. However, Disney was unable to receive financial support from his own studio on this matter and had to secure funding by drawing this intricate map. Not only is it hand-drawn by the creator of Mickey Mouse himself, but it is also annotated and hand-colored with attention to detail. 



Image Courtesy of Giphy


After its completion, Disney’s brother Roy immediately took the map to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


Since then, it has been in the possession of an employee and kept out of the public’s eye for 60 years. On Sunday, June 25th, this map was auctioned off along with 1,000 other iconic Disney artifacts by the Van Eaton Galleries in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles with an astonishing price of $708,000. 


“As we had expected, this extraordinary Disneyland map sold for an outstanding price,” said Mike Van Eaton, Co-Owner of Van Eaton Galleries. “We are beyond thrilled that the map will continue to be appreciated and cherished just like it has been for all these years.”


The very first Disneyland theme park was constructed in Anaheim, California and it has been 60 years since its opening. As of 2015, it has been rated as the third most-visited theme park in the world.


Featured Image Courtesy AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes