O’Reilly Partners with Patterson on Picture Book?

Bill O’Riley is at it again. HIs newest endeavor is perhaps his most surprising yet. The conservative talk-show host and political commentator apparently considers himself to be something of an expert when it comes to parenting. He’s established himself in the literary world by publishing plenty of books for adults, most of which have been about the deaths important political figures, but did you know that he’s published two books for young readers. The O’Riley Factor For Kids: A Survival Guide was published in 2004. While some may question whether O’Riley is the best figure to be offering children a survival guide, the book sold quite well. In 2007, O’Riley followed up with a sequel titled Kids Are Americans Too. I’m not sure who denied that they were, but if nothing else, I’m sure the kids who read it agreed with the title. Whether or not they agreed with the book itself is another story.

This time, though, O’Riley seems to be attempting to appeal to his youngest audience yet. He’s at work on a picture book. You might be surprised by his partner as well; none other than James Patterson, who is also taking a break from the writing he’s known for. 

In a recent interview, O’Riley stated the book would feature various illustrations from different artists. Apparently, his mission in writing the book is to teach children the importance of the word ‘please.’ Give Please a Chance: yes, that is the book’s title. It will be released this coming November. We can’t be sure how John Lennon would feel about it, but it will certainly be interesting to see how the book is received by its readers. Will the children of this country and their parents be willing to ‘Give Please a Chance’ when it hits bookshelves? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Featured image courtesy of Gawker and Aperture Audience.