Oprah Settles on A Riveting New Read

Queen Oprah has just ordained that this month the public will be reading The Underground Railroad! It’s a brand spankin new book, by established New York author, Colson Whitehead. 

Image courtesy of Flickr

Oprah sung the book’s praises in a video released throgh ‘O’ network, wherein she dubbed the book a ‘tour de force’, claiming it had her afraid to even turn the next page. 

The book tells the story of Cora: a young woman working on an antebellum plantation in Georgia, who escapes through a series of underground tunnels and track networks. Hence the title. 

Oprah briefly interviewed Whitehead for CBS, and the two discussed the deep admiration they had for the resilience of their ancestors. Oprah posited to Whitehead:

“You know I come away from a story like The Underground Railroad and I think of the courage it took to be a slave, to have the desire in your heart to be free, and the will to survive, and I think ‘wow, that’s the stock that I come from. That those are the people, my people, who had that stuff, to withstand that.'”

Whitehead responded as saying:

“In thinking about what my ancestors went through for hundreds of years it puts everything in scale like the stuff we complain about every day is so miniscule to the fact of surviving to the end of the work day so you can do it the next way. It was a great culling. You had to survive the new world diseases, the brutality of the slave system, and it’s a miracle that anybody survived.”


You might wanna rush to your local bookstore, as the book literally just came out today. It will likely be flying off the shelves.