Oprah is Writing a Memoir Full of Inspirational Advice

Oprah Winfrey is a lot of things: a talk show host, an actress, a philanthropist, and a producer. Soon, she’ll be an author, too. According to USA Today, Oprah is working on an “inspirational memoir.” The book is titled The Life You Want, and will be published by Flatiron Books in January 2017.

Oprah certainly has an interesting enough life story to fill a memoir. She was born into poverty in rural Mississippi and was moved around as a child, from inner-city Milwaukee to Nashville. A drug addiction took her sister, but Oprah overcame her circumstances and built a media empire that made her a billionaire.

Oprah’s story is an inspirational one, and she plans to tell it in The Life You Want. Flatiron Books says that the memoir will use Oprah’s “own story as the source of inspirational advice.”

Oprah’s O Magazine columns have been collected in a book before, as have her quotes, but this is the first true memoir that she’ll publish.

In addition to the new book, Oprah is getting her own imprint at Flatiron Books. The imprint, which doesn’t have a name yet, will publish a few nonfiction titles every year. Oprah will personally choose which books are published.

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