DW holding her library card.

One Thing Millennials Aren’t “Killing”: Libraries

Millennials are using libraries more than any other generation before them. A new study conducted by Pew Research Center has given this age group bragging rights, saying that people born between 1978 and 2004 make most use of libraries.


Many speculations believe the reasons are the free public Wi-Fi that is available. This is a fair point, but a separate study conducted by Pew Research Center found that millennials also outread all the other generations.


Arthur the Aardvark showing his library card

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Another popular theory is that libraries often offer free events and classes. Many libraries will provide more than just knowledge, but also entertainment with events like knitting and crocheting clubs, adult coloring, and even sessions for teams to play video games and board games. Some also have events where teens can listen to vinyl records, a medium that millenials brought back to life.


“Teens see libraries different than their parents or caregivers used to see them,” say Julie Todaro, president of the American Library Association (ALA) in a recent interview with CNN.


D.W. saying she can check out any book she wants.

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Libraries are embracing this fan-base. ALA also provides workshops for librarians to learn the ins and outs on how to market library events and services on SnapChat.


Other findings from this study show women are also more likely to use a study. A whopping 54 percent of women have visited a library in the last year compared to 39 percent with men.


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