One Sentence Book Wins Goldsmiths Prize

Mike McCormack has won the $10,000 Goldsmiths Prize with his single sentence book entitled, Solar Bones. If that is not surprising enough, the book itself is 223 pages! Curiosity alone made me purchase this book on Amazon. How could a book possibly be that long with only one sentence? 

The award itself is meant to reward fiction that “breaks the mold or extends the possibilities of the novel form.” Mike McCormack’s book did exactly that. He took an outrageous idea and turned it into a story that touches on almost every aspect of the human condition. Professor Blake Morrison, judge for the Goldsmiths Prize, said, “Politics, family, art, marriage, health, civic duty and the environment are just a few of the themes it touches on, in a prose that’s lyrical yet firmly rooted.”

My mind still can’t wrap around the concept. The book is an enigma and I simply must read it to understand what all the hype is about. If you have read the book already, let us know!


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