One of 2017’s Best Video Games Is Getting Novel Adaptations

In 2017, game developers at PlatinumGames and Square Enix released one of the year’s bestsellers. Now, Nier: Automata is getting ready to hit the shelves as two separate books detailing the story in different ways.


Yoko Taro’s series has garnered fans through complex narratives, interesting game-play mechanics, and astonishing visuals. With a big cast of primary characters, Taro’s post apocalyptic dream of humanity’s extinction and the machines that replace us is both dark and beautiful; bitter and sweet.




Series creator, Yoko Taro in his trademark mask | Image via Youtube


Taro’s novels will focus on the story and plot of the most recent game from last year. Nier: Automata had a very layered story; of which would keep expanding every time a new-game/new-game+ would be completed. This allowed for the background to be placed while after the player beats the game more and more, all of the pieces of the story would fit like a perfect puzzle.


The first book, titled Nier: Automata: Long Story Short, goes over the main story from the game. Although it may initially seem to be a simple retelling of the game’s plot, there are lots of new details and backgrounds given on events and characters, plus a lot more context is given of the overall universe of the Nier series.



long story

Image via MymBuzz


Taro’s second book will be called Nier: Automata: Short Story Long. This work contains a collection of side stories that complement the lore and universe of Nier even more; albeit without becoming main plots but instead relating to key characters and events. The two books are already released in Japan. We can expect to get a deeper look into Taro’s series here in the U.S. on October 19th, 2018.




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