Once in a Lifetime Job Opening for Bookseller in Maldives

Amid these most particular times, are you looking to escape for a while? Have you lost your job because of the pandemic? Are you tired of the monotony of the political race and social distancing? Are you not ready for summer to end? Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, I have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. One that you cannot pass up!

The eco-resort of Soneva Fushi on the Kunfunadhoo Island in the Maldives is looking for a new “barefoot bookseller;” specifically, a tenacious individual ready to conform to island life. The Maldives is ready to once again host individuals outside of their borders since the rise of the pandemic, and with the Soneva Fushi preparing to open their doors, a new bookseller is a must for the resort.

Since 2018, three “barefoot booksellers” have been laying out in the sand at the resort. The resignation of one of the booksellers, Chrissy Ryan, has made one of these positions available and open to the public.


Primarily, the position is to run a small shop on the island. Still, the job is looking for individuals with strong writing and verbal communication skills to write blogs and newsletters recounting island life at the resort. Additionally, they are searching for someone who will host “bookish workshops” and events for the islanders who are getting away from their mundane lives on this COVID19-free island.

In the past, this position has drawn in thousands of applicants from around the globe, spanning from White House executives to lawyers to retired librarians. All types of diverse individuals are dying to at least get an interview for this sought-after vacation-like job.

With that said, if you are interested in applying for this once in a lifetime opportunity in the Maldives, submit your application now while you still have the chance. Chrissy Ryan implores that it is a chance to test yourself and your boundaries on this little island in the Indian Ocean. Truly, it is the perfect job for a “bookish individual” dying to escape reality and explore an island just like a pirate in an adventure novel.

Featured image via sovena