‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ Says Hello to Haters

Everybody’s loving Pixar’s Coco. It has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and earned $50 million on its opening weekend. What people don’t like is the Frozen short that plays before it.


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure follows Arendelle’s first Christmas after the events of Frozen. The thing is, people did not go to see Coco because they liked Frozen. Frozen was popular and everything and maybe a five minute short would have gone over well. But Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a twenty-one minute shitshow of Frozen soundtrack outtakes. Also, it follows the comedic relief. Olaf is a snowman, not a showman (coined and minted, I expect royalties.)


I wasn’t the only one groaning when the short belligerently refused to be short. The tweets came in hot. Here are a few choice ones:







The main issue isn’t that it’s bad, but that it’s long. And it is long. The last short to premiere before a Pixar movie was Lou, which played before Cars 3 earlier this year. That was seven minutes long. Before that, Piper, which played before Finding Dory, was six minutes. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is twenty-one minutes. It doesn’t end.


Also, every Pixar short tells an original story that was made in-house. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure feels like an extended ad for Frozen 2. The shorts usually have a sincerely creative reason to exist. This one doesn’t. More Olaf…yay.


What made Frozen special wasn’t the snowman, but the retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, “The Snow Queen.” Some of the characters that came out of it are definitely beloved. To this viewer, they belong in the background. That’s just how it goes.


Oh no. Hope you don’t melt, Olaf. That’d be a shame. | via GIPHY


Feature Image Via Disney