‘OITNB’ Star Cast in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

The cast for the upcoming miniseries adaptation of Atwood’s classic novel is reaaaalllyyy shaping up. We just learned earlier this month that Elizabeth Moss snagged a lead role as the narrator and protagonist of The Handmaid’s Tale. Now, it has just been revealed that Samira Wiley will play the part of her best friend, Moira. 

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The two friends are separated amidst the government takeover of Gilead: a fictional New England town, which is overrun by puritanical tyrants, hellbent on stratifying the sexes. Throughout the book, Offred does much reflecting on their college days, and their lives before the purge. 

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We don’t know what creative liberties are being taken in the adaptation of the book, but we sure hope the two actresses will get ample screen time together. Their interactions are ripe for some great dialogue scenes. 

The show is scheduled to go into production this fall. It will air on Hulu, as a ten episode series. 

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