NYPL Displays Presidential Paraphernalia

The New York Public Library has opened a new exhibit called “The Politics of Persuasion: 150 Years of Presidential Campaigning.” The library has apparently been amalgamating materials from past elections for over a century, and is debuting them now for the first time. 

According to the press release, the library initiated the project and began collecting the materials, “precisely for the significance they take on after their original utility has ended—as important historical records that provide insight into the culture and politics of the past. “

Such materials include:

 “A lapel pin with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a Barry Goldwater bumper sticker, and even a Richard Nixon poster designed to be hung in college dorm rooms. Some offer detailed candidate platforms; others communicate largely through graphic treatment, providing a visual perspective on the ways campaigns have sought to inspire voters on a more visceral level.”

Image courtesy of NYPL

The exhibit closes October 19th, but is pointedly open during the height of election season madness, as a reminder of the long road to our current political predicament. 


Featured image courtesy of NYPL