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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Teen Collects and Donates 25,000 Books

When she was just fourteen-years-old, Julia Foos, a teen from Cleveland, Ohio, read an article that drove her to action. According to Foos, the piece was “about how a lot of kids in Cleveland don’t have access to books.” She said that this new upset her because she always loved reading. She set a goal for herself that day: to collect 250 books to donate to children in need. Little did she know, the next three years would bring 25,000 donated books her way. Foos achieved this by personally reaching out to potential donors, using her family’s basement to to store, sort, and box the books, and even renting a moving truck to help distribute all the books to different charities. 


“I think caring about something is one thing, but actually taking action to try to make a difference is at a different level,” Julia’s mother, Heather, said in an interview. 


Some of the nonprofits Foos donates her collected books to include Reach Out and Read, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, and the United Way “Stuff the Bus with Books” project. 


“They’re going to kids in lower-income families who maybe aren’t able to get to a library, or who don’t have access to books at home,” Foos explained. 


If you’d like to help Foos by donating to her mission, you can visit her Facebook page, Books Offer Opportunities for Kids


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