Nicola Yoon Wrote ‘Everything, Everything’ for a Very Important Reason

The highly anticipated movie, Everything, Everything comes out this weekend! Lovers of the YA hit will be cramming the theaters to get a feel for the adaptation. Author, Nicola Yoon recently told Bustle that there was a special reason she wrote the book in the first place: her daughter. 



She said,  “When I was growing up, I didn’t see myself reflected in books very often. Maddy looks the way she does in the book because my little girl looks like that. I wanted my daughter to be able to see herself in media. It’s important that everyone get to see themselves as the hero of a story.”


Representation in novels and media is so important. Seeing yourself reflected, especially as a child, opens up the imagination and encourages you that you can do anything and be anything.


Yoon also told Bustle, “I knew that eventually, I would tell her that she could be anything she wanted, and that she should follow her dreams — and I wasn’t following mine.” 


Yoon is now the author of The Sun is Also a Star and Everything, Everything. Read the rest of Yoon’s interview on Bustle and see Everything, Everything in theaters May 19th! 


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Featured image courtesy of Nicola Yoon