Nicola Yoon Is Finally Releasing A New Novel

Nicola Yoon has finally graced the world with a new book! Well almost, she announced the cover and title of her newest book, Instructions for Dancing, just last week. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until June 1st. At least it will be released this year, five years after the release of her last book, The Sun is Also a Star. That book, and her first novel, Everything, Everything, have both been adapted into movies. Maybe this one will be too.


Image via penguinrandomhouse
This new book will be about a young girl named Evie, who is dealing with her parents divorce. As she is dealing with his, she learns a new ability that just might help her deal with all the relationships in her life. According to Yoon, the inspiration for this novel comes from her mother who has been sick for a long time. She also discusses how Evie is so untrustworthy of the world since her parents divorce and how this new friend she meets named X, helps open her up a bit.
It sounds like a great book. Sometimes everyone needs someone on the outside looking in to broaden their horizons and make them see the world from a different perspective. With the world still in the pandemic state, it’s hard to see a brighter world some days, and this book, seems like the perfect read for right now. Any book, is a nice a escape, but this one might help us see the world in a new way, or maybe just help us be a bit more optimistic.
You can pre order your copy right here.
Featured Image via EW