Nicholas Sparks Responds to Anti-LGBT Email Controversy

Last week, it was revealed that romance novelist Nicholas Sparks had disparaged LGBT students in emails to the former headmaster of his Christian school, The Epiphany School of Global Studies. As part of an ongoing lawsuit, former headmaster Saul Benjamin accused Sparks and the school board of marginalizing students and staff whose views didn’t align with the majority of the Christian student body.

Emails obtained by The Daily Beast shed some light on the language used by Sparks to discredit concerns about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the school. The part of the emails that caught the most attention were when Sparks tried to ban an LGBT club on the grounds that it was “pushing an agenda.”



Sparks was initially dismissive of the accusations:


But yesterday, Sparks released another statement apologizing for potentially hurting members of the LGBT community with his words:


His apology will most likely not make his legal trouble go away, but does Sparks’ apology sound genuine? Or is he just trying to save face?



Featured Image Via ET Canada