New York Times Chart Pairs Presidential Candidates With Their Literary Twins

What does Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee have in common with Jane Austen’s 1814 novel Mansfield Park? Well, plenty, according to The New York Times. The Times’ Josh Katz has put together an awesome interactive graphic that pairs each presidential candidate with his or her literary equivalent, based on their patterns of speech.

The just-for-fun analysis has nothing to do with policy, of course (there is nothing in Bernie Sanders’ platform about circumnavigating the world in 80 days). Instead, Katz is looking at the complexity of each candidate’s speech, as well as the general positivity and negativity of the words they use. Each candidate is plotted on a chart, so we can see that, for instance, Trump’s style of speaking is very simple and slightly more positive than negative.

On the chart with the candidates are a few dozen classic books and a couple of recent hits. The insights are wonderful. Apparently, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks just like Tina Fey writes in Bossypants.

Check out the full graphic below, or enjoy a fully interactive version here!