New York Gallery Shows Books As Holograms

An exciting new exhibit at the Magnan Metz Gallery called ‘Out of Place’ examines the assumed newness of technology through hologram.  

Artists Susan Gamble and Michael Menyon have chosen to examine how objects age by projecting antiques through the lost art of holography.  

The gallery features projections of china, kithcenware, and old books. 

According to the press release:


Out of Place questions the ‘newness’ often assumed in presentations of technology. The artists employ different media ––holograms and daguerreotypes––to reflect on the past and the sentimental lure of objects as they fade into history. With images of index boxes, coal and silver, the exhibit looks at subjects old and obsolete.


Check out some of the pics!


Image courtesy featured of magnametz




image courtesy of magnanmetz



image courtesy of magnametz



Featured image couresy of magnametz