New Years Eve Romances

Since it’s New Year’s Eve–and there’s just something about this day that makes us crave romance–here’s a list of some great books to enjoy the holiday with. From a mysterious New Year’s Eve kiss in Kiss and Tell, to the holiday making everyone say silly things in Flat Out Love–curl up with one of these great books and ring in the New Year.


Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Love follows college freshman Julie and her complex friendship with Matt, the son of the family she’s living with. Julie and Matt have a rather interesting—and adorable—conversation on New Year’s Eve when Celeste has had a bit too much to drink:

“Happy New Year, Julie.”

“Happy New Year, Matty.” She turned off the television and rolled onto her side. “Matty, I have another question for you.”


“Are you a skilled lover?”

“And that concludes our evening chat.”

Definitely pick this one up to find out more!

My True Love Gave to Me: “Midnights” by Rainbow Rowell and “Krampuslauf” by Holly Black

This holiday young adult collection has twelve stories, including two that involve amazing New Year’s Eves. In “Midnights” by Rainbow Rowell, after spending four complex New Year’s Eves as best friends—Mags and Noel explore if there could be something more. Holly Black’s “Krampuslauf” offers more fantasy aspects, when the narrator makes a New Year’s wish that gets her even more than she was expecting.

Kiss and Tell by Suzanne Brockmann

After being kissed by a stranger dressed in a ninja costume at a New Year’s Eve costume party, Leila is determined to find him. It’s quickly become her most unforgettable kiss ever—despite her absent boyfriend. Little does she know that the ninja is Marshall, her brother’s best friend who teased and tormented her since she was a child. A perfect romantic read, you’ll have to see whether or not he can woo her.

Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones Diary opens on New Year’s Day with a ton of resolutions—including losing weight, swearing off “bad men” and quitting drinking and smoking. This delightful book that includes two sequels (one of which was releasedjust last year) is a great way to kick off your New Years.

Countdown to a Kiss: A New Year’s Eve Anthology by Colleen Gleason, Holli Bertram, Mara Jacobs and Liz Kelly

This collection of stories all takes place on New Year’s Eve. Three sisters—Tess, Annabelle, and Grace—return home to attend the annual New Year’s Eve ball. They have a decade old bet that whoever has no date at midnight has to kiss their nerdy neighbor, Lewis. Little do they know, this nerd has made millions over the years and is looking for the woman of his dreams.

About a Boy by Nick Hornby

Will falls in love with Rachel on New Year’s Eve, but expresses that he “had never wanted to fall in love” and that “he was almost sure that Rachel was about to make him very miserable indeed”. For anyone who has ever loved or been more inclined to on New Year’s Eve—this is definitely something to check out.

Wanderlust by Kitty French

Currently only being offered as an eBook, Wanderlust follows Ruby—who has been in love with Ford since their college days. She hasn’t seen him since their one unforgettable kiss, in which he soon after left to see the world. Now he’s back, making Ruby wonder what will happen at their friends’ New Year’s Eve wedding.


The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Its New Year’s Eve 2006, and Clare and Henry are throwing a party for their closest friends. However, Henry is visibly upset when he realizes that his time is up. If you’re not familiar with The Time Traveler’s Wife, we highly recommend you look into it. While it’s not a particularly enjoyable New Year’s Eve scene, the New Year is always about new beginnings.

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