James Franco and Tommy Wiseau

New ‘The Disaster Artist’ Trailer Is Tearing Me Apart, Lisa



Hi, Mark.


James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, based on Greg Sestero’s book of the same name, may not come out until December, but it’s already raking in great reviews. Peter Debruge of Variety notes: “…boasting a genuine capacity to delight, whether or not the audiences in question have seen The Room.” Hopefully you have. I hope you have seen The Room. If not, stop reading this article and go watch it.


But, first, watch the first full trailer for Franco’s The Disaster Artist:



Sestero starred opposite Tommy Wiseau (the mad genius himself) in the film that started it all. The book seems surprisingly heartfelt considering it’s about the making of the worst movie ever made (sorry, Ed Wood), and the movie looks bizarrely moving as well.




The Disaster Artist hits theaters December 1st, but you can pick up the book it’s based on right here.

Feature Image Via IMDb