New Study Says Reading Improves Your Empathy and Health

If you love to read, we have some great news for you: according to new research, regular readers are healthier and more empathetic than non-readers. Can you imagine how excited your fellow readers must be about this? You can, of course, because you’re so empathetic.

The new research comes from The Reading Agency and was conducted on its behalf by BOP Consulting. The researchers surveyed readers and non-readers from all different age groups and found that readers of all ages were healthier and more empathetic than their non-reading peers.

The benefits are huge and wide-reaching: according to the report, reading can increase empathy, help children learn to socialize, keep depression at bay, and stave off dementia among adults.

The catch? You have to want to read. The survey focused on those who read in their spare time, not those who were forced to read by school or work. So, to be precise, it’s reading for please that correlates with all of these health benefits – which means you shouldn’t expect your doctor to prescribe a reading list anytime soon.

The new study adds to the growing number of voices saying that reading makes us happier, healthier, and more sociable. Check out this infographic for a long list of reading’s many benefits, and then get back to reading – for your health!