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New SNL Sketch Blends ‘The Handmaids Tale’ with ‘Sex and the City’

“As I waited for the girls in Downtown Gilead, I was feeling like an Uptown Gal-ead…”


In a new SNL sketch from last Saturday night, the team imagined up a world where Sex and the City meets The Handmaid’s Tale. The sketch pokes fun at the dark-yet-all-too-possible world of Handmaids, while also joking about the stereotypical ways in which groups of women are portrayed when they get together for happy hour or brunch. They blend lines from both shows in the most satirical, hilarious way:


Under his eye? What about under my eye? Look at these bags!


We see the ladies as they get together over their rations to laugh and talk about how times are, like, so tough in Gilead but, at least red is pretty flattering and their bonnets are really cute! They also groan and vent about the overbearing men in their lives: “John controls me, and I don’t pay rent!”


It’s dark, witty, powerful, brutally honest, and sadly (scarily) relatable.


Blessed be the fruit!




Featured Image Via CinemaBlend