New Short Stories on Cnet’s ‘Technically Literate’

The publishing industry is in a state of transition. In the wake of all the change brought about by the development of digital markets and ever-changing readership habits, new players in the publishing world are emerging left and right. Enter Cnet. That’s right, the tech news site where you go to compare laptops and cameras, and catch all the latest iPhone specs. Turns out the popular tech website has directed its clout at the literary world with their Technically Literate; a segment of the website dedicated to publishing original works of fiction “with unique perspectives on technology.”

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Works published by Cnet on Technically Literate include the first ever crowd-sourced novel,Crowd Control. A work composed of the edited contributions of Cnet’s creatively involved readership. Currently hosted on the Technically Literate are 5 short stories, the latest of which is Happy This, Congratulations That by Lauren Fox; a humorously melancholic tale of heartbreak via text. Here the reader is treated to the very real and raw humanity that goes on in cyberspace. Intercepting sexts between your husband and the new lady at work is as real as it gets. Technically Literate is looking to make a mark in the publishing sphere by creating a space for technology and literature to coexist and inform each other. A lot of what they’ve published is a testament to the quality content that comes from this intersection. Next time you’re looking for a literary fix, remember Cnet isn’t just for complaining about the lack of an AUX. 


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