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New ‘Sabrina’ Miniseries on the Way from ‘Uncanny X-Men’ Writer

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is both an iconic comicbook character as well as a beloved sitcom. Now with Netflix’s new, darker spin on the series, Sabrina’s revival has caused a new generation to explore the endless capabilities of the dark arts. Although the new show has garnered a ton of mixed reviews, the series is going back to its roots with a brand new comic book miniseries.




Our first look at some character designs | Image via ew.com



The writer of multiple big projects for Marvel, Kelly Thompson, has been confirmed as the main writer for the new Sabrina miniseries. With works such as Uncanny X-Men and Jessica Jones under her belt, Thompson is no doubt the perfect fit for reviving such a widely loved comic. Joining Thomspon on the new project are Veronica and Andy Fish as illustrators.


The new comic will be another reboot of sorts. Thompson has mentioned how excited she is in modernizing Sabrina’s story in her own unique re-imagination. However, not much is said to change, with many main themes and iconic characters said to be right where they belong. In fact, the first issue is supposed to go over Sabrina Spellman’s initial move in with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda.




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So far, the first issue is set to launch for March 27th, so be ready to pre-order your own copy! As for the rest of the miniseries, we’ll have to wait for more upcoming news as to when they will be released.



Featured Image via ew.com